Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Testimony of Rosie

I have gone thru 2 unwanted pregnancies and 1 pregnancy that I wanted very much but she died. As for the 2 unwanted pregnancies, of course we know I aborted the one or two. I always wanted twins and who knows it might have been my twins I always wanted. The pregnancy I aborted might have been my twins. Yes, I have confessed my sin and I believe God has forgiven me because that is his word. My children all know about the abortion, not because I am proud of it (cos I AM NOT) but because If I can help them or anyone else to not go thru what I have, then I will! I went thru a lot of Pain & Agony because of that abortion. That abortion hurt more physically than any of my labor & deliveries. I felt like my insides were coming out, then afterwards I found out how my baby(s) was killed. It really was a nightmare and agony! For a long time I couldn't accept God's forgiveness. I cried many nights. Finally the only thing that did help me is that I know God has forgiven me and that my daughter Amanda would not be here if I hadn't gotten the abortion. I would have been pregnant, (3 months after my abortion I got pregnant again) therefore I couldn't have gotten pregnant for her. The other unwanted pregnancy was for my son Tadd. I had just gotten back with my husband George after a 3 yr separation w/ us being in different states. I had gotten saved, he said he had changed, so we thought we may be able to work it out. He began being abusive again and I knew it wouldn't change so we separated again and finally divorced. I begged God to make me have a miscarriage, all along my pregnancy. I did not want another baby by myself. My son Tadd, had a lot of problems during labor and delivery. I didn't get to touch him till he was 3 days old or hold him for a week. All the time in labor and delivery I was begging God to NOT take my baby. My pregnancy I wanted very much was new husband and my last child, Allissa. We even prayed & ask God to save Allissa but unfortunately God didn't give us our little girl. God saw the whole picture not just a piece of the puzzle like we do. He knew it was best for her to go to heaven. She had 4 holes in her heart, a valve that wasn't closed & a missing bone between her knee and ankle. She could have been blind or deaf and definitely be worse than Down Syndrome. She probably would have been a Vegetable and that is no way of life. The Doctors encouraged us to make it easier on our family and abort her when I was about 6 months along. After everything I went through in the other abortion there is No way I would abort another baby! They even ask us to sign a do not resuscitate if she was born not breathing. We told them No, You do everything you can for her. She lived one day but was a beautiful baby and we are so thankful that we trusted God! So yes My answer about abortion is different than years ago. Abortion should never have been legal in the first place, then I wouldn't have had my abortion. No I am not blaming anyone but myself. Yes I am a Christian, because I have accepted Jesus as my Savior, believe the Jesus was born of a virgin & believe the Jesus is the son of God. I pray for others and ask for forgiveness all the time.
God Bless You,

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