Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tim Tebow: Why Do We Love or Hate Him?

By Ishmael T. on January 9, 2012

OK, I know this is probably already the 100th article, news blitz, opinion or blog you've read about the Denver BroncosTim Tebow. Well, after watching one of the most exciting playoff games of my life and seeing the varied reactions from fans and foes, I had to chime in.

I began to wonder why people either love or hate Tim Tebow. On one end of the spectrum, you have Bill Maher crucifying him on Twitter, and on the other end you have students Tebowing in public and putting it on YouTube.
There are many people who see him as a fraud and others who think he is the greatest person to walk the earth—OK, second greatest. No matter what you think, no one is indifferent.
But what is it that makes him so polarizing?
Even when the question is posed to him, he answers humbly, reiterating that he only focuses on what he can change and does not try to please the critics.

It seems like Tebow’s PDF (Public Display of Faith) is what has so many people hot and bothered. We don’t hear this much stir about celebrities who flaunt their sexual orientation. But Tebow’s PDF is crossing the line?
Tebow is like going to Best Buy and seeing a black-and-white television on the sale rack. Society is not used to seeing his kind. If the year were 1952, his praying after a touchdown would not be such a big deal.
But America was different back then too. America had many flaws in the 50s and 60s, but the overall moral code was a lot different. Things that were considered taboo are now widely accepted. And many things were not condoned in public, but faith wasn’t one of them.

With today’s technology, a bad joke, a foul opinion, is just a tweet away. What used to be reserved for water cooler talk is able to be shared with the world within moments. This fact has spawned a firestorm of comments and debate about Tebow, some on his technique, but most on his beliefs.
Whether you believe the way he does or not, we should respect the fact that he is within his rights to display his faith, rather than referring to him as a menace. We also cannot over-dramatize his abilities. The Broncos’ defense and kicker deserve equal credit for Denver's success this season.
The bottom line: Tebow is a decent football player with amazing character. And if that makes us uncomfortable, we can always watch hockey.

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