Sunday, February 26, 2012

They Say I Shouldn't Be Allowed To Live

by Carrie Holland Fischer on November 4, 2012
I was out shopping one day and overheard a conversation that made me all the more determined to stand up for the right to life. The conversation was about taxpayer dollars and abortion. As I listened. I realized that I was the subject and my right to life was being questioned. A lady was talking about how “people like me” were a burden on society and how I was the reason abortion existed. “If people like me” were aborted, then taxpayers dollars wouldn’t be wasted and spent on having to “take care of us.” There would be more money for other people and programs. I could feel the anger rising on the inside of me. “People like me?!!” I turned and asked. “Are you saying that just because I was born a certain way that I shouldn’t have been allowed to live? She looked at me and then started talking about how “people like me” couldn’t possibly have a happy or fulfilling life. We would never have a successful, quality life anyway. What was the purpose for us being born? By this time I was really angry and wanted to get in her face. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to live? Because I look different? What about those who were conceived in rape or incest? Do they not have the right to live? The lady looked at me and asked, “Do you really think it’s fair to let them live, knowing the hardships they will face? Can you imagine the teasing and bullying they will have to endure?” I do understand, because I went through that for most of my life. I was teased constantly by my peers, and even by my teachers. The lady stood firm in her belief that “people like me” were better off aborted. I stood by my belief that everyone should have the right to life. Who was this lady to judge me? Who was she to decide who should live or die? How did she know what kind of life I would have? Before she walked away, I told her. “One day you’re going to get old and it’ll be my tax dollars paying your Medicaid or Medicare. What if I were to consider you a waste of my money? What if I were to say you are old and no good, you should be dead? Think about that next time you want to criticize and complain about “people like me.” The lady looked at me and walked away.

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