Friday, March 16, 2012

Marijuana’s Evil Threat To Christian America

Alex K. Keating
March 1, 2011 3:30 pm

All knowing conservative ire: I possess this, many don’t. Today, I point my superpower at one of the most dangerous evils our society faces today. Marijuana.
Marijuana and Christianity
Many Christians have questioned whether or not doing marijuana will send you to hell. The short answer is yes. Liberals would like to make you think otherwise by stacking polls and using fake medical studies. The Bible, however, holds clear conservative viewpoints.

Nancy Reagan, wife of the Great One and mother of the modern Republican Party, started the war on marijuana in the eighties when she recognized the dangers it posed to our youth. Her ‘Just Say No’ campaign saved millions of American kids. Too bad notorious pothead Bill Clinton used the nineties to reverse all her good work.

Clinton and the rest of the liberals have been trying for years to get marijuana legalized in the United States. European countries that have done so have seen spikes in liberal populations over the years. No doubt the Democrats believe they can stack the deck in their favor by adding pot to the mix.

While doing research for this article, I noticed something very interesting. Most marijuana users are either atheists or idol worshipers. Instances of abortion and crime are also higher amongst drug users. The drug seems to activate a section of the brain that makes a person become a liberal. The basic traits are the same.

Serious health risks shouldn’t even be a debate. Left leaning doctors who make things up to get publicity with the college frat boy segment of the population deserve to have their medical licenses revoked. You are taking a drug, of course it is going to hurt your body and make you stupid.
The more sinister point of this review is terrorism. Marijuana funds it. Some strains even have names like ‘Afghan Kush’. The Bush Administration found that money made from selling drugs in the United States helped to fund the 9-11 attacks. You think you’re getting your pot from Mexicans? ‘Juan’ might actually be ‘Ackbar’. Could you really tell the difference?
This all brings us to Kenyan President Barack Obama. At least that weasel Clinton had the good sense to lie about his drug use. Obama just came out and admitted it, like he was proud. Then he hired his dealer’s wife to be our Secretary of State. Coincidence?

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