Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ordinary Evil People

In the course of life we come across and meet many people. Some we form friendships with and others we avoid. We often keep the people that make us feel good as friends, and the ones that make us feel bad we keep our distance. The problem is that evil people know full well how to make us feel good and how to manipulate us so that they can gain power and control over us.

There are two types of people we need to avoid. The aggressive and the passive aggressive types. The aggressive types use anger to control you. You go along in order to get along. They always get their way because we don't want them to explode on you and ruin the day. But then we get so angry and frustrated because we never stand up for ourselves. Because of this a wife may allow herself to be totally controlled and manipulated by the husband while blaiming herself for all the domestic problems. "Oh if I just had not dropped the dish Frank would not of flipped. I am so stupid!" The husband then uses this by saying, "You should be thankfull I married you because no one else would have you!" Men that beat their wives while convincing them that they disserved it and they had better smarten up. The solution would be for the wife to muster up her courage and confront her husband so that they can he can then have a bad day. From that point on they will avoid the wife will be in control. But if the husband is violent and physically abusive, then this solution could be very dangerous and volatile. I think most professionals would advise the woman to pack up and leave for a shelter.

The passive aggressive types do not confront you or explode with anger. What they do is to subtly push your buttons until you explode and yell. At this point they play the victim and may cry. They say things like, "Why are you so angry." They manipulate us into thinking it is our fault so that we feel guilty. Once we feel guilty, then they use this to control us.

Example: Husband is up in the morning before the passive aggressive wife who likes to sleep in. Often he makes too much noise in the kitchen and the wife becomes very annoyed. She will never confront her husband about it and gets back at him by offering to make toast. When she does she deliberately burns it to get even with him. But he knows her well and gets angry with her. He knows she did it deliberately The wife then goes into playing the victim. "I made an effort to get up and make you toast and you yell at me." The reason her husband is yelling at her is because he knows she did it on purpose. She begins to cry and the husband feels bad. But the next morning the same thing happens.

The problem is that the wife will never tell her husband what is really bothering her. Why is because she is totally self-absorbed with her own needs and knows nothing about love and communication. She does not love him and just wants her husband to do everything for her no matter what. She needs constant attention and pampering as if she was Cleopatra Queen of the Nile. She wants the best of everything and yet is still never satisfied.

So there are two examples of evil people. The aggressive ones are easy to spot, but the passive aggressive types are much harder to detect because they can appear to be so loving and caring, but this is a mask they wear. A spider is always loving and caring when it is trying to lure the fly into the web. The fact is that they are so self-absorbed that they become the center of their universe and a god of their world in which they expect us to bow down to them and cater to their every need. One way of spotting them is to keep your ears open for negative comments they may make. Inside they feel everyone is useless. The ones that deserve them are the ones that serve them.

A snake is always nice to the mouse until the trusting mouse gets too close and then BANG! Two fangs in the neck. Now the snake may show great remorse for what he has done. He my cry and say that he considered the mouse to be his little friend. But the problem is the the snake will do the same thing over and over again. Why is because he is a snake, and that's what snakes do. It is there nature. Sometimes a mouse my jump back and escape. Then the snake sobs and says how sorry he is. He says "please forgive me! I don't know what came over me?" The mouse falls for the tears and is then bitten and swallowed whole. Then the snake hates himself for eating him, but he is a snake and that is what he does. There are people all around us that manipulate and destroy us because that is what they do. They may cry and feel bad about it, but if you fall for the tears, then say good bye to a happy life. You will be caught in their web of evil and they will not be happy until they suck the life out of you!

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